Welcome to “The SQL Guy” blog site!

My name is Norm Enger, “the SQL guy”!

I have worked in and around Microsoft SQL Server as well as web and other programming languages since 1997. I am by profession a Microsoft SQL Server database administrator (DBA), or as some of my friends and coworkers have called me over the years, “the database guy” or “the SQL guy.”

I am employed by Mohawk Industries of Dalton, GA, working remotely to my office from Tucson, AZ.

I have a wide range of interests, experiences, and expertise in all things  SQL Server, all the way from SQL Server 7.0 to the newest editions of SQL Server, as well as with some third-party tools. I will be sharing some of those things with you, as well as learning a few things along the way. I hope you will find something useful here that will help you in your own adventures with SQL Server.

You can learn more about me on my personal website.

Thanks for stopping by!

Norm Enger
November 2010


Posted November 2, 2010 by Norm Enger

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